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Using SMAART Goals to Manage Employee Performance
FREE Archived Webinar.
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Using SMAART Goals to Painlessly Manage Employee Performance

This FREE archived Webinar will explain everything that you will need for crafting SMAART Performance goals.

Specific, measurable, and attainable performance goals are the most effective tool managers can use to help employees achieve outcomes that support the organization's goals. Yet, very few managers are able to craft goals that are motivating to employees and are clearly aligned with the organization's objectives. One of the most frustrating parts of being a manager is seeing employee performance fall short of expectations and not knowing why or how to fix it. Likewise, employees often say that they are unclear of what their manager really expects in terms of performance.

This archived webinar outlines a painless strategy for creating specific, measurable, and attainable performance goals that will help align employee performance to organizational objectives.

What you will learn?
Why there is often a gap between manager expectations and employee performance
Tools for writing clear performance goals
Four kinds of performance goals
How the SMAARTest goals are the most motivating
How to effectively involve employees in the goal setting process
How to craft best-practice performance goals that are aligned with organizational goals Complete the following form to download the webinar.

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