Training is Included emPerform training is included with every implementation package.

We want every implementation to be successful and for your organization to be up-and-running as quickly and easily as possible. Our implementation process was built using a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach and as such, administrators are given hands-on training during implementations. This guarantees full transparency at every stage and champions users to be fully confident and able to manage and maintain their system - without relying on vendor or I.T. support.

emPerform training is conducted using a mixture of one-on-one on-site training and online training. Customers are also given access to online training tutorial videos to reference when needed.

Tailored Training: Because every organization is unique, training is tailored to each customer’s specific requirements. Regardless of your level of software knowledge, our professional Implementations and Training Consultants will work with you to ensure you feel 100% confident using emPerform. Custom training packages can also be crafted to suit individual organizational needs.

User Guides: HR administrators are provided with emPerform user guides and custom training material to use for quick referencing and product instructions.

End-User Training: Sample end-user training documentation is given to each customer to personalize and distribute throughout their organization. Your end-users are given specific information on how to properly use your system. This custom information ensures that end-users are able to their own instance of emPerform and that rollout and maintenance of the software is as easy as possible. Custom end-user training videos can also be generated for clients if requested.

Reliable & Friendly Support

We understand that rolling out a new performance management system is not an overnight task. emPerform was designed to be as intuitive and user friendly as possible but just in case you need some help – we offer industry-leading support to guide you along the way. That is why a full day of post-implementation support is included with every emPerform implementation package and we offer reliable and personal ongoing support for when you need it.

Support Representatives: emPerform’s helpful support representatives are fully committed to providing fast and reliable support to customers. Clients are able to reach support during regular business hours via phone, email, or online request form and can expect a prompt and knowledgeable reply.

Ongoing Resources: emPerform clients receive customer newsletters, customer-specific best- practice webinars, and receive regular offers and updates from emPerform.

Tailored Support: Tailored support plans can be crafted for each client to reflect their support requirements.

Online Support: Administrators are granted access to the emPerform Customer Self-Serve Portal accessible through the website. This portal contains downloadable user guides, update links, and support request forms, as well as a library of video tutorials.

Contact us to learn more about our industry-leading training and support services.