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  7 Tips for Selecting an HR Software Vendor
  1. Review your current business processes - Begin by reviewing your current employee performance evaluation process and determine the requirements of a solution that would meet your company's critical needs. This is the more critical step to ensuring a successful vendor selection.

  2. Document your business processes - Understand the purpose and goal of your business processes. Highlight the irregularities or inefficiencies in order to identify where current methods fail to achieve desired results.

  3. Prioritize your requirements list - A common and costly mistake is to try to customize an employee appraisal system to accommodate every imaginable wish instead of tackling the current issues raised in the business process review. Ensure that you find a solution flexible enough to meet your current requirements as well as future needs.

  4. Document your high-level requirements - Documenting your requirements will help you to determine the type of functionality you are looking for in a solution. From that, you can create a short list of vendors for demonstration purposes. Don't hesitate to provide your prioritized requirement list to potential vendors to ensure that their solution can meet and exceed all your requirements.

  5. Ensure that the solution can handle the size of your organization - Ideally, the vendor should be able to demonstrate and provide you with details on the load capacity of their software solution. This will help to show that the system, when installed and in use, will not fail when multiple users are trying to access and fill out evaluation forms at the same time.

  6. Double check that the solution will fit with your existing and future IT plans - Any software application that you are considering should have an open architecture and be built on a solid, reputable framework. As well, it should be flexible enough to integrate easily with your other HR software solutions to help eliminate redundant data entry and manage multiple systems. The solution should be scalable to handle your future growth needs.

  7. Review the vendor - Ensure that you deal with a reputable company with a long track history and a good, reliable support system.

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