Talent Management Simplified. One Product, One Price

Performance management software shouldn't be complicated and it shouldn't break the bank. emPerform is committed to delivering the features, flexibility and power standard in enterprise solutions but for a price suited for small and medium sized businesses.

Our all-inclusive software delivers the tools needed to automate and streamline your performance management processes without paying more for added functionality. You get everything in one package for less than most vendors charge for just one module.

emPerform Guarantees the Best Value Available

Go ahead and compare. For less than most vendors charge for one module, emPerform delivers an entire suite of talent management functionality. Choose to deploy any or all features if and when you choose at absolutely no extra cost – resulting in an incredibly low cost of ownership and high ROI.

Contact us for pricing or complete our Requirements Discovery Form and an emPerform Expert will send a price quote.

"We looked very hard at different software vendors and selected emPerform for the fact all capabilities were built into the software versus having to buy constant upgrades or additional modules. Getting an all-in-one solution was a big cost-saver for our company". Propulsys Inc.
How can we offer such great value?

CRGroup has over 25 years of software experience under its belt. Our efficiency produces a powerful product and our business model allows us to pass those savings directly to our customers.

Looking to switch from your current vendor?

Tired of paying too much for your current solution? Are you looking for a friendly vendor that is willing to work with you to champion users? emPerform is equipped to ease the transition between any existing platform - both from an administrative and financial perspective.

To make the switch as easy as possible, emPerform offers a Safe-Landing Guarantee. This program is designed to ensure a smooth and efficient transition of core talent management functions while offering a market leading feature/price ratio. The program guarantees an instant return on your investment - software license and hosting fees are guaranteed to be reduced both now and over the long-term versus any current provider.

This is a comforting promise for companies looking to hedge any perceived uncertainty or future risks they feel they might experience with their current solutions vendor.

This program is ideal for companies who are tired of paying relatively high licensing fees for other modularized solutions or for mid-market organizations who are not getting the personal support and service they need and deserve.

Get started with emPerform

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