Engage Managers & Employees in Year-Round Performance Feedback & Coaching

emPerform tag™ offers an easy way to document and send performance feedback from multiple sources throughout the entire appraisal cycle.

Feedback & journal notes are archived and easily accessible within emPerform’s online appraisals – giving managers the rich performance feedback needed to deliver accurate performance assessments and giving employees the valuable feedback needed for improvement and to be recognized.

Motivate Employees with Instant Feedback

tag was designed to facilitate timely feedback between managers and employees and employees and their peers. With the click of a button, feedback can be sent or journal notes can be archived for future use.

  • Login to emPerform year-round to document performance notes or send feedback
  • Send feedback to an employee and/or their manager for consideration
  • Create journal notes about employees and use them as reminders when completing reviews
  • Configure tag to suite your culture – you decide the level of usage and security you want
  • Email notifications ensure employees receive timely feedback
  • Recognize employee milestones year round
Collect Ongoing Feedback from Multiple Sources

tag provides an instant and easy-to-use platform for capturing valuable performance feedback from the entire organization – recognizing employees and giving managers and HR a complete view of performance.

Get Better, More Accurate Performance Ratings

It is human tendency to focus on ‘what’s happened lately’. Recency bias, busy workloads, and fading memory render managers powerless against attempting to muster accurate annual or even semi-annual performance reviews.

"How did the employee perform at the beginning of the year?"
"Were there any major milestones or performance initiatives completed in the last 6, 8, 10 months?"
"What are some specific examples of how this employee displayed progress in a particular competency?”

It is vital that managers and HR create a sharp picture of how the employee has performed and progressed throughout the ENTIRE review period because so much is riding on accurate performance assessments – compensation decisions, development planning, succession decisions, and possible termination decisions.

emPerform tag archives feedback and performance notes throughout the entire review period.

With the click of a button, managers can view and use tags when completing appraisals.

Capture continous real-time performance feedback

Engage managers and employees in performance management

Access historical feedback from within appraisals

Acknowledge and reward performance year-round

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What else is included in emPerform?

With emPerform, you are given a full-suite of features to automate performance reviews and other vital talent management processes. Everything is included in one configurable & easy to use package for the best value – guaranteed.

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& Talent Identification

Year-Round Social Feedback

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