Sample Competency: PeopleDevelopment

Description: Someone who encourages others to strive for better personal development.

Behavior: Encourages others to seek out opportunities to further themselves and their careers.

Organizational Effectiveness Survey Questions:
People feel that there are not enough hours in the day.
People are spending too much time "putting out fires."
Many people are not aware of what others are doing.
People lack understanding of where the firm is heading.
There are too few good managers.
Everybody feels "I have to do it myself if I want to get it done correctly."
Most people feel our meetings are a waste of time.
When plans are made, there is very little follow-up and things just don't get done.
Some people feel insecure about their place in the firm.
The firm has continued to grow in sales but not in profits.
The organization uses the mission statement as a criterion for determining success.
Mission and vision statements are communicated throughout the organization and prominently displayed.
Actions and programs of the organization reflect the mission and vision statements.
Procedures are in place for the review of the mission statements at appropriate intervals.
The organization can demonstrate that it reviews its mission and vision statements at regular intervals and makes necessary adaptations that support its strategic plan.
The organization can document how the strategic and/or business plans are aligned with the mission.
The organization is able to cite examples of cases in which decisions at all levels of the organization were guided by the mission and values of the organization.
A dynamic and engaged Board clearly understands governance and carries out its responsibility to the organization.
The organization has diverse business sources so it is not overly dependent on a single business source.
There is mutual respect, knowledge and integrity between the organization and customers.
The organization communicates with its major customers on an ongoing basis to address issues or challenges.
Appropriate financial controls are established and followed within the organization
Independent auditors conduct financial audits and reviews at regular intervals.
Financial crises are managed (unpredictable events that are the result of circumstances beyond the control of the management of the organization).
The organization√ęs leadership has, as a matter of written policy, established a reserve fund sufficient to cover the organization√ęs operating expenses for a planned period of time.
Everyone connected to the organization treats customers with respect and courtesy.
Facilities provided for customers are safe and well maintained.
There are well-established, readily available and publicized channels through which the opinions and concerns of customers may be expressed