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Reporting & Analytics
emPerform boasts one of the most flexible & powerful reporting tools available!

Measure what matters.

Create reports and analyze employee performance data quickly and easily to ensure that you have the right skills and competency mix where you need it most. Monitor employee goal and development status in real time and cross-compare manager ratings for calibration.

The emPerform Reporting Tool enables:

Real-time monitoring of appraisals, goals,
development, and surveys.
Automatic scheduling and emailing of reports.
Easy-to-read charts and dashboards.
Easy-to-use interface and settings.
Full library of canned reports.
Ability to create custom ad-hoc reports.
Goal Management
With a completely flexible HR reporting tool that can analyze your employee performance data, HR practitioners can create their own HR Performance Metrics to reflect what is important in their own organization and determine what is driving corporate success.

Use your data to:

Slice and dice your competency and skills
Look for training gaps.
Analyze performance over time.
Determine organization performance
levels and identify development opportunities.
Monitor manager rating and scoring results.
Perform "what-if" analysis.
Goal Management

emPerform includes a library of on-demand, pre-built (or canned) reports and also offers powerful ad-hoc reporting capabilities.

Relevant & Timely Analytics

As more organizations realize that employee performance is a driving factor in organizational success, companies are starting to shine light on their Human Resources departments. Executives and managers are asking for relevant and timely analytics and accounting from their H.R. practitioners to properly track and monitor the progress and status of employee and organizational objectives.

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