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Online Surveys & 360 Reviews
Easily design and execute your own surveys and 360 multi-rater reviews.

emPerform’s eSurvey is an online survey tool that makes it quick and easy to gather feedback and turn insight into action. eSurvey includes an extensive library of categorized questions and rating scales to help you to create & execute meaningful surveys including 360 reviews!

Online Surveys

Imagine being able to launch your own surveys from inside emPerform and gather the data you need to make effective decisions. emPerform’s eSurvey is easy to use and includes a library of best-practice survey questions. eSurvey enables organizations to gather data on:
Customer satisfaction
360 Multi-rater feedback
30-60-90 day status
+ more

360 Multi-Rater Reviews

emPerform’s eSurvey also allows organizations to create and launch unlimited 3600 multi-rater reviews.

Whether an organization is aiming to develop leaders, improve employee performance, implement an effective change management strategy, or simply gain valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of operations, 360 Reviews are a perfect tool for collecting feedback

Drawing from the observations of supervisors, internal and external customers, and a self-assessment, the emPerform 360o multi-rater reviews gives manager and employees a 360 degree view of their performance and the rich feedback they need to develop and improve.

The Power of 360 Surveys:

In simplest terms, a 360 survey provides a company and/or individual with confidential feedback on specific sets of competencies and behavioral traits as observed by his/her colleagues and other stakeholders. This feedback is meant not as a criticism of the individual but as constructive input that can lead to specific actions for improvement. It is meant to reinforce positive aspects of the employee’s performance as well as to improve performance by identifying possible areas of weakness. 360 surveys are a powerful tool with an important purpose – to harness the power of honest feedback to identify weakness and develop performance.

A well designed and well executed 360 feedback will result in:
Improved understanding of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses in key aspects of competency and behavior
Setting a baseline against which future changes/improvements can be measured
A good benchmark comparison between the individual’s own perceptions and those of the “raters”
The identification of specific training and learning opportunities to make changes and improvements
Identification and development of future stars
Platform for employee opinion and improved employee engagement

emPerform makes it easy to start using 360 surveys in your organization. Contact us to get started.

Common Uses of 360 Surveys:

Performance Assessments: 360 surveys allow management to get a complete look at the actual performance status of employees. By polling colleagues, peers, managers, customers, and other organizational members, accurate assessments can be generated and employees can be recognized, developed, and rewarded fairly.

Leadership Development: The most popular use of 360 surveys is to develop leaders, managers, and executives. 360 surveys are used to highlight "Blind Spots" management and leaders may be suffering from and provides the honest insight needed to reinforce strengths and improve any weak-spots.

Succession: This type of 360 survey obtains feedback from past and present supervisors in order to identify future stars and candidates for promotion. 360 surveys can highlight the talent pools that exist within the organization so that a company can be prepared for any leadership gaps.

New Hire Feedback: Newly recruited employees are great sources of feedback related to onboarding practices, overall corporate culture, training and development experience, and a company’s hiring process. 360’s offer a secure platform for obtaining this essential data from new-hires.

Organizational Change Management: Using 360 surveys, organizations can solicit honest and valuable feedback about organizational changes that impact employees. This type of survey gives employees a voice in the organization and also helps companies to limit the risks involved with present and future organizational changes.

To learn more about emPerform eSurvey, watch our product tour video, or request a free trial.


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