Get powerful and proven talent management software to simplify and streamline performance appraisals.

Looking to save LOADS of time and effort conducting evaluations and monitoring goals and development? emPerform's online, customizable software suite makes it easier and more affordable than ever to ditch the files and spreadsheets and automate performance management processes. emPerform appraisals are perfect for small-to-medium size companies who are looking for a better way of conducting appraisals and managing talent.

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Easy-to-use appraisal forms with unlimited reviewer levels.
Create and monitor SMART Goals and link them to company success.
Make notes and attach public or private files year-round.
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Develop Competencies and create learning plans.
Easy access to dashboards, historical reviews, employee profiles and notifications.
Customizable interface and multi-lingual capabilities.

emPerform's fully configurable appraisals include file attachments, task & email integration, real-time status reports, offline synchronization, unlimited approver levels, custom rating scales, content libraries, and many other features that make managing talent and executing reviews simple for HR, Managers, and employees. emPerform gives you the tools to get your appraisals completed properly, consistently, and on time.

  • Easily design and maintain an unlimited number of forms.
  • Customize workflows to suit your company’s requirements.
  • Create and monitor the status of goals and ensure they are linked to company objectives.
  • Use the content and rating scales YOU choose.
  • Content libraries and writing assistant tools guide managers and employees.
  • Sign-off functionality ensures employees have read the appraisal.
  • Status reports show the progress at every stage.
  • Email and task notifications ensure appraisals are submitted on time!
  • Off-line synchronization allows appraisals to be completed anytime, anywhere.
  • Results can be used for compensation decisions, succession planning, development planning, employee engagement initiatives and organizational planning

It is no surprise that performance appraisals are the most important part of any talent management strategy because the performance data obtained forms the basis for compensation decisions, succession planning, development planning, employee engagement initiatives and organizational planning. In order for the data to be usable, it is vital that appraisals are consistent, relevant, completed properly and submitted on-time – requirements that are simply not possible using a paper-based method.

What’s Included?
Not only does emPerform include unlimited online appraisals, this robust solution comes standard with the tools needed for a complete performance management strategy. emPerform offers more than just appraisal software – emPerform is Talent Management Simplified. Everything is included in one package for one great price.

emPerform provides the platform needed for companies to streamline appraisals and ensure consistency and accuracy when identifying and rewarding talent.

HR: emPerform appraisal forms are quick and simple to create and administer. Administrators are given the training needed to customize content, ratings, workflows, permissions, and forms without relying on I.T. support. A company’s forms can be replicated inside of emPerform or new forms can be created to suit different departments or company levels. Using emPerform, HR can track the status of appraisals, report on the status of company performance and save time and money by focusing on strategic planning instead of administrative tasks.

Managers: With a central login page displaying notifications, dashboards, status updates, tasks, and historical reviews, emPerform helps to guide supervisors through effective performance management. Managers can track performance, developing goals, and mentor employee success regardless of their level of formal management training. Managers can make notes and attach files year-round and can access writing assistant tools to aid in giving effective employee comments and feedback. emPerform gives managers the support and tools needed to align, develop, reward, and retain employee performance year round.

Employees: With emPerform, employees can take control of their performance and development success. Employees can make notes and attached files year-round and can create and edit the status of goals and development initiatives. emPerform engages employees in the performance management process by providing the feedback, accountability and transparency needed for employee satisfaction and success.

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What else is included in emPerform?

With emPerform, you are given a full-suite of features to automate performance reviews and other vital talent management processes. Everything is included in one configurable & easy to use package for the best value – guaranteed.

Online Appraisals

Goal Management

360° Reviews

& Talent Identification

Year-Round Social Feedback

& Reporting

Compensation Management

Online Surveys