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Organizations invest a good portion of their time and money attracting and developing top talent. As the economic climate shifts and industries become more competitive, companies are shining a spotlight on their Human Resources Department. More emphasis is being placed on efficiently and effectively managing employee performance to ensure that the right people are focused on the right tasks that will enable to the organization to reach its objectives.

emPerform was built to help organizations implement an effective employee performance management program in order to:

Gain consistency in review processes so employees are evaluated accurately and fairly
Centralize all performance data and metrics for senior management and HR
Evaluate employees on job-specific elements
Monitor the progress of employee goals & development
Improve how performance feedback is collected and used in reviews
The Importance of Effective Employee Performance Management
  • At least 1/3 of organizational costs are allocated to employee compensation and development and yet few organizations are properly measuring the return on this investment.
  • Organizations are realizing the benefits of eliminating the time spent on administrative tasks so HR can focus on strategic human capital management.
  • Compliance regulations are forcing some industries to adopt automated solutions to facilitate reporting & documentation of accreditation body requirements.
  • Leadership planning and development is becoming a top-priority as businesses realize the substantial costs associated with succession gaps.
  • It is becoming increasingly difficult to keep employees engaged in goal planning and development and to evaluate geographically dispersed workers.
  • Research shows that there is a direct correlation between employee performance and customer satisfaction. Building a workforce of top-performers gives organizations a competitive advantage.
"Using accurate performance data as a basis for succession and decision making is critical to our success and will save countless dollars in future training and development." Propulsys, Inc.
How can emPerform help?

emPerform was designed to automate and streamline talent management processes in order to eliminate administrative tasks and free-up HR to focus on more strategic performance management initiatives – allowing organizations to build a better, stronger workforce.

Align: easily set and track employee goals that are aligned with organizational objectives.

Develop: emPerform enables the interactive and automated development of your talent. Development plans set and the status can be tracked all year round by managers & employees. Intuitive reports give you a clear picture of the status of performance and where improvements are needed.

Reward: emPerform includes automated and integrated compensation management that allows for fair, structured, and consistent compensation planning.

Retain: emPerform’s all-inclusive talent management suite allows you to automate and improve all areas of your talent management processes. Effective performance management results in engaged and motivated employees – allowing you to retain your most valuable resource – your talent.

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