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Compensation Management
Make Simple and Effective Pay-for-Performance Decisions

It is shocking how many companies are still relying on spreadsheets and file systems for employee compensation planning. These legacy processes can result in inconsistencies in how compensation plans are implemented and tracked, which results in delayed and inaccurate decisions and ultimately unhappy employees.

Compensation Management feature automates compensation decisions by providing a structured and consistent process that links employee compensation to organizational objectives and employee performance - ensuring that pay-for-performance is allocated fairly, properly, and consistently across the entire organization. Effectively rewarding employees for achievements is the best way to ensure satisfaction and retention.

How it works:

Salary, variable compensation and other adjustments can be automatically correlated against any emPerform-based performance score:
Performance reviews
360 multi-rater scores
Survey results

emPerform then delivers accurate and consistent compensation plans based on your organization’s workflows and processes.

Goal Management

Managers: stay on time and on budget when making employee compensation decisions. Base salary adjustments on solid performance metrics and ensure that your top employees are rewarded.

HR: configure and maintain your own system without the need to rely on vendor or I.T. support. emPerform’s easy-to-use administrator module and proven training will ensure that you will be able to manage your system in no time.

Once plans are approved, administrators can easily export the compensation changes to their Human Resources Information System (HRIS), payroll or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

And of course – Compensation Management comes standard with emPerform. Customers are not forced to pay more for 'modules'.

Get started with emPerform. Learn how simple and easy it can be to save time and boost employee satisfaction by automating compensation decisions.

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"emPerform gave us a streamlined electronic method of conducting evaluations, accurately ranking our employees and properly rewarding high performers"

Alan Caldwell Director of Human Resources Sky Lakes Medical Center