Make Simple & Effective Pay-for-Performance Decisions with emPerform

Is your organization looking to implement an effective pay for performance culture to help reward and motivate employees? emPerform has you covered.

Included in our award-winning performance management software is the emPerform Compensation Manager™, which automates compensation decisions by providing a structured and consistent process that links employee salary decisions to organizational objectives and performance - ensuring pay-for-performance is allocated fairly, properly, and consistently across the entire organization.

Best of all, because Compensation Manager is included in emPerform, you are free to roll it out if and when you choose at absolutely no extra cost.

How emPerform Compensation Manager Works:
Employee performance data is collected using the evaluation tools included in emPerform:
Job-specific performance reviews Employee self-assessments 360° multi-rater reviews Survey results

emPerform delivers accurate and consistent compensation plans and recommendations based on your organization’s workflows, budgets, compa-ratio models, and processes.

Managers are automatically notified of any compensation planning due dates or tasks and are given a secure, easy to use way to allocate employee salary changes.

→ Merit-based increases
→ Bonuses
→ Variable pay adjustments
→ Anniversary

Automated budget tracking, approval workflows and status reports ensure pay for performance decisions are completed on time and on-budget.

emPerform can even automate tedious calculations associated with proration and multiple currencies. Once compensation plans are approved using emPerform’s configurable and secure approval workflows, they can be easily exported to a company’s Human Resources Information System (HRIS), payroll or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

  • Managers are given the tools & information they need to make effective compensation decisions for their team.
  • HR saves time with an easy-to-maintain compensation program. emPerform’s easy-to-use administrator module and proven training will ensure that you will be able to translate your pay for performance processes into an automated process.
  • Employees are confident that their contributions are fairly rewarded – helping to motivate and engage performance.

Avoid the risks of outdated compensation management processes: Legacy processes can result in inconsistencies in how employee salary adjustments are assigned and tracked – leading to delayed and inaccurate decisions and ultimately unhappy employees. Well thought out and consistent pay for performance processes project your company’s commitment to fair rewards and recognition.

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What else is included in emPerform?

With emPerform, you are given a full-suite of features to automate performance reviews and other vital talent management processes. Everything is included in one configurable & easy to use package for the best value – guaranteed.

Online Appraisals

Goal Management

360° Reviews

& Talent Identification

Year-Round Social Feedback

& Reporting

Compensation Management

Online Surveys